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Welcome to Saderra Publishing, a micro publishing company devoted to publishing books, novellas, and short stories written by Ginger Hanson.

Butterfly Bride, Ginger's latest Regency novel received 5 Star Crowned Review from InD'tale Magazine!

This story just shows that love does not come easily, it takes work and respect. There is absolutely no putting this book down! It can only be read in one sitting

Can her marriage of convenience metamorphose into a love match?

Butterfly Bride Cover
Abandoned at the alter when her new husband hies off to Canada, Hope Templeton Westcliffe petitions the Church for an annulment of her marriage to the Marquis of Pennleigh. Hope is willing to risk ostracism from society to win her freedom from this travesty of a marriage, because not only has her husband been gone for seven years, he loves her sister.

Set in Regency England,
Butterfly Bride centers around a well-meaning father who wins a wager and obtains a titled husband for his adolescent daughter. He convinces his daughter to marry the young man and then ships his new son-in-law off to Canada. The hero returns to England to discover his child bride has blossomed into a lovely woman.

She has also filed a petition for an annulment of their marriage.

Lady Runaway
A Regency Novel

Theft. Assault. Breach of promise. With one whack of a fire shovel, Lady Riana Templeton faces possible criminal charges. Fleeing arrest by a spurned suitor, she heads for Regency London where she is kidnapped. Clad in her shift, she escapes but ends up in a street brawl when she comes to the aid of a man attacked by footpads. A swipe of a knife and she's out of the fray.

Captain Devlin Carrington, the man Riana helps, is an army surgeon home from the Peninsula on leave. He takes the injured woman to his townhouse to tend her wounds only to discover a fortune in jewels hidden in her blood-soaked shift. Has he saved a lovely jewel thief just to watch her hang?

2019 also saw publication of a second writing skills book for the writer who struggles with dialogue

She Said He Said, The Power of Dialogue

Dialogue is the hardest working element in the fiction toolbox. She Said, He Said: The Power of Dialogue explores the many ways dialogue enhances storytelling.

From the great “said” debate to dialogue pitfalls to avoid and everything in between, this writing skills book will be a valuable addition to your writing library. Written with the new and intermediate writer in mind,
She Said, He Said: The Power of Dialogue is a companion book to award winning author Ginger Hanson’s book, She Sat, He Stood, What Do Your Characters Do While They Talk? (4.5 Star Review on Kindle).

She Said He Said Cover
In case you missed the first writing skills book on dialogue–

She Sat, He Stood
What Do Your Characters Do While They Talk?

Geared for the new and intermediate writer, this insightful ebook on writing dialogue from award winning author Ginger Hanson focuses on how to incorporate body language, props, and setting into scenes to give your dialogue more depth.

If you're interested in crafting dialogue that showcases emotions, don't pass this up.

This is one of those short little 'solve the problem' writing skills book that delivers exactly what it promises. Anna Krishkigal, Amazon Top Reviewer

Two Civil War era novels for the American Civil War era aficionado!


Ransom's Bride
A Civil War Era Novel

Two dreams kept Ransom alive while he was in a Federal prison during the Civil War–Sabrina and his ranch. He’s come to claim Sabrina, but she’s dead. And now her sister Angela is in trouble up to her beautiful gray eyes. Not only is she a former Confederate spy, but she’s been charged with murdering Sabrina.

Ransom can rescue Angela…but only if she says “I do.”

Stealing Destiny
A Civil War Era Novel

The Civil War took everything from Billie D’Angelo and she is determined to retrieve her horse Destiny from the Yankee officer who commandeered him during the war.

When Grayson catches a young ragamuffin trying to steal his horse, he should hand the rapscallion over to the authorities…


If you enjoy small town, sweet, contemporary romances,
pay a visit to Tassanoxie, Alabama
Small town...second chances.

Susannah’s Promise
A Tassanoxie Novella

Susannah Warden is trapped in a life she doesn’t want, but she made a deathbed promise to her mother. When archeologist, Dr. Perry Elliston, arrives in Tassanoxie, he reminds Susannah of the future she once wanted.

Will Susannah free herself from the bonds of her promise and get a chance at love?


Love to the Rescue
A Tassanoxie Short Story

A relationship gone wrong kindled the desire for a husband, kids, and dog, but Amanda’s shattered self-confidence makes her leery of relationships. Especially with the firefighter who moves into her apartment complex. She’s attracted to Joe, but he already has a girlfriend which means hands off as far as Amanda is concerned.


The Courtship of Serena Smith
A Tassanoxie Short Story

Serena and Ted share a common history. Both have been dumped by their respective spouses, their self-confidence is low, and neither one thinks a second chance at love is in the cards. When Ted’s dog brings these two wounded souls together, will they accept the possibility of love?

Need a little laugh to brighten your day? Then you might enjoy this collection of humorous essays.

A Dash of Ginger
Sassy Southern Essays

Brighten your day with essays like:

  • It's Hard to Primp While You're Pumping Iron
  • Who Notices Gorillas, Basketball and Choco-Plum Hair?
  • Science Threatens Women With Lifelong Reproduction

In A Dash of Ginger, Sassy Southern Essays, Ginger Hanson shares humorous insights into the world at large as she tackles subjects as varied as weight lifting, hair dye, plastic surgery, parenting, chocolate, shopping, and dogs. An award winning author of five romance novels, Ginger’s articles and short stories have appeared in newspapers, magazines, newsletters, and blogs.

Ginger began writing essays as a teenager and hasn’t stopped. She loves to write them because they’re a great way to share thoughts without having to deal with someone interrupting you with their ideas. Her essays are written with a dollop of Southern heritage, a pinch of vivid imagination, and a smidgen of exaggeration, creating a recipe for laughter that spans gender and generation.